4 Ways Exercise Affect Your Body.

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We all know that exercise is good for the mind and body. Here’s an explanation of what happens when you work out, and how it can help you deal with the pains and the gains you'll run into.

1) Out of breath and elevated pulse

This is always a bit alarming, but it's perfectly normal. When you first start working out, your body responds by raising your heart rate and causing you to breathe heavy. Exercise gets a lot easier as you go along, and it's because your body starts adapting to your workout. 

2) Muscles Get Sore

Working out makes you feel better over time, the truth is you will feel pretty bad at the beginning. This is because exercise actually causes microscopic damages muscles. The muscle responds by repairing itself and that makes the muscle stronger than it was before. If it gets to a point where you can't do the exercise again, you need to back off and lower the intensity a bit until your muscles catch up. you can take days off in-between exercises or work a different muscle group.

3) Makes You Feel Good

Exercise makes you feel better in all sorts of ways. These are just words, until you actually start exercising. The other thing that happens is your heart gets bigger and stronger. Those are the things that people notice. You're getting these changes in the muscle that actually make exercise feel easier.

Additionally, you're also burning calories and fat, which contributes to weight loss. When you burn more calories than you take in, you'll tap into fat for energy and lose weight. If you don't use calories for energy, your body starts to store them as fat cells for an energy reserve.

Along with a proper diet you can expect to feel healthier and stronger after two to three weeks of exercise. 

4) Increase your strength and endurance  

Strength and endurance training are where things get a bit harder to track. If you work out you're going to get stronger, if you do a little more, you'll get stronger still.

With time you will run longer, faster and breath better in the process. Just keep adding time to your work out and increase your weights gradually.


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